Why Gumasta License is Important for Your Business?

When you open a physical store, you will need a local license from your state. For the people who want to start a business in Maharashtra, especially a physical store where they sell stuff, it is necessary to get a shop act license registration. This is must, and for every new shop, act license is essential. The license that is handed over is called Gumasta License. It is mandatory for all the city of the state.

The mcgm shop and establishment will enhance your business, and you will be able to create a better workplace for all of your employees. This is because the acts are in favour of your employees as well it has many laws that will permit to increase the work hours in certain situations. Moreover, if the female workers want, they can also work beyond 9.30 PM. Certain things also include that you will need to give proper protection to women by providing them with safe transport if you are letting them work after 9.30 pm.

Documents Required

First things first, if you don’t want to get into the whole work of getting the new shop act license. You can surely find Gumasta license agent in Kalyan that will handle the work for you.

In whatever case, you are planning to complete your license registration. You will need to keep the following things handy. Make sure you have them all.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Proprietor Passport Size Photo
  • Photo of the Outside board of shop or the Office
  • POB Address proof (Electricity Bill or you can use Rent Agreement)
  • Residential Address Proof (Aadhar Card or you can use Electricity Bill)

You need to have these important documents in order to get the online shop & establishment registration in Thane.

Benefits of Getting Gumasta License

You might be looking for some benefits that you will get once you get the Gumasta license online registration thane or anywhere else. These are the few of the benefits and importance of getting the license.

Total hours

If you are roaming around your city, Let’s say Mira road, for instance, you will find many of the businesses are still open in midnight. Some of these also include theatres, fast food shops etc. To do this, you will need Gumasta license Miraroad. This will permit you and to keep your store open 24/7 depending upon the business you are having. You will need a registration certificate of the establishment when demanded by any of law officers if you keep your business running.

Working hours for Ladies

Today the female workers also want to work and be successful, to make these things better; the Gumasta license in Vasai can help you. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Vasai or you are in any place, you can get Gumasta license agent in thane or even the Gumasta license agent in Kalyan as long as your business is eligible.

After this, the framework workers can work in your company after 9.30 PM. You will need to provide them with safe transportation to their home. The act is totally against the discrimination done. You can’t discriminate women in terms of recruitment, promotion, wages or any other. The women are only allowed to work between 7 AM to 9 PM. In case there is an emergency, and you have the Gumasta license in Vasai, you can ask the female workers to work past 9.30. This is done for the protection of women and is also very important for all of the shop owners to follow each of these things carefully.

Government Benefits and Subsidies

The main advantage that you will get is by getting many government benefits along with subsidies. You will be eligible to acquire and participate in almost all the small business scheme that is proposed by the Government. You can easily invest that money in making your business better and increase the customer base. This is one of the best benefits of online shop & establishment registration in Thane.

Holidays and the leave

Under this act, any worker can take at least 8 of the casual leaves. Along with this, they are eligible to get 45 days of leave paid leave. The eight days will be when there is a festival, and the other will be discussed between the workers and the establishment. In other words, shop act license registration will benefit your employees a lot. This will help you to create a better workplace and eventually. You will be able to get more customers as your staff is great.


This license is not a onetime license, once you get the mcgm shop and establishment, you will need to do Gumasta license renewal once it is expired.

Making things easy

Lastly, it is always about making everything easier to do everything. You can surely get a shop and establishment license agent that can manage all the things for you. They will help you to get the registration certificate of the establishment, as well as Gumasta license renewal, will be done by them. So, you will not have to go to every place here and there. You can sit back at Thane and handle your business, and the Gumasta license renewal thane will be done. You can do everything online starting from Gumasta license online registration thane to Gumasta license renewal thane. Not only in Thane but can also be done from anyplace you like. So, it gets vital for you to find a Gumasta license agent in thane who will handle every one of these things for you.

Take action

So, now it up to you! You will now be knowing why you need Gumasta license Mira road or at any other place where your business is. It would be best if you always go to the shop and establishment license agent to make things a lot easier. Else, it will be tough and time-consuming to get the license for your shop. The agents don’t take much charge, and you can easily get the things done without having to waste your time.

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