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The Importance of Getting a Food License

For every food business, you will need a food license. The license is called the FSSAI License. FSSAI stands for the food safety and Standards Authority of India. The FSSAI was founded back in 2006.

About the FSSAI

FSSAI is the food authority license needed for every business that is related to food across India. The license is given to check and ensure the quality of the food by giving the certificate. The food business is tested by various standards. There are various FSSAI rules and regulations that a food business needs to follow in order to get their FSSAI certificate. These are the standards to control the entire food business in India. Therefore, in order to maintain and get your food quality checked, it is important for you to have a valid FSSAI license registration.

Type of License

The FSSAI Licenses are based on the location and type of the food your business delivers. It depends upon the location of your business. If you have a food business in Mumbai, you need to get a food license in Mumbai.There are main 3 types of FSSAI license.

Basic FSSAI license
State FSSAI license
Central FSSAI License
All of these are used for different purposes. For instance, a basic license is required if your business is only stores, sales, repackage the food. In the same way, if you are thinking about the licenses required to open a restaurant in Mumbai, FSSAI state license is one of the licenses you should have. In the same way, if you have a huge food store or processing place, you will need a central license.

Along with this, if you are importing the food, you can get FSSAI import license and the same goes for export. You can get the FSSAI license for export. There are various different type of the license, you will have to get the license according to the type of business you have. The type of the activities you are involved in matters when it comes to the license, you can share the activities you do, or how your business works with food in order to get to know which type of Food license you will need.

FSSAI registration Mumbai is simple and you just need quality food in order to get the license. It depends on the place where your business is located. If you have multiple locations for your business, you will have to get more license. You can get a food license in thane as well as food license in Navi Mumbai.

Getting the License

Getting the license is not easy. The first thing you must have required personal as well ascomments. The other thing you need is checking out which license you will need according to the business you have. The quality of the food is must t in order to get the license. You must have the standard quality food that is safe for every person. In this way, after getting the certificate one can easily consume the food they want without having to worry about the safety as well as about the quality of the food they are eating. This is why you will need to get food license in Navi Mumbai

Importance of the License

You might now get the clear idea aboutFSSAI license and registration. Now, let’s get to the importance of the license. The license is necessary for any business that is trying or planning to enter in Food industry. It will check the quality of the food and process accordingly. Below are some of the points that shows the importance of the FSSAI license.


The first thing that you need to know about the license is that it is mandatory for each and every food business in India to get FSSAI license registration. If you do not have the license even though you are dealing with the food items, it may lead you to serious legal trouble. Therefore, the first importance or the necessary to get a license is because it is mandatory. You will need to add the badge in your food product and also show the license when demand. Therefore, you should have a Food license in Mumbai or wherever your food business is.

Quality and Safety

The license main aim is to tell the customers that a particular product or food is checked for the quality and hence it is safe to consume. Therefore, the best and the most important reason you must have an FSSAI license is because of quality and safety. The food is checked for all the things such as the quality and the materials, which are used in the preparationfor it. The one thing that is given most importance during the entire check is about the safety of the food. It is ensured that the food is safe for many people to consume. If it is harmed in any of the ways, you might not be able to get the FSSAI license and registration.

Brand Image and Trust

So, you already got the answer of licenses required to open a restaurant in Mumbai. Now, the point comes how people will come to your restaurant. People need trust. Using FSSAI license, people will automatically create your brand image in their mind and trust your restaurant more. This applies to everyone. Even if you are looking for a fast food license in Mumbai or you are just an exporter or importer of various packaged food. You can get the FSSAI import license or FSSAI license for export respectively according to the business you are in.

Therefore, it will not only ensure that your food is safe for all the people to eat but will also make sure people trust your brand. It is recognized all over India. So, you won’t have to worry about anything. People will surely prefer food or restaurant with FSSAI rather than going to a normal one with no license. So, make sure you get a food license in Navi Mumbai.

Loans and funds

If you are not among most of the population, there isa great chance that you are not having enough amount of fund to run your food business to scale it. The FSSAI Registration Mumbai will help you to get the loans faster. In India, getting a loan can be a headache sometimes. You might have to visit the bank so many times still you won’t be able to get the loan for your business. If you are having a Food license in thane or any other city in India, it will be a lot easier and time saving to get the loans or look for the investors. People will likely invest in your business if you have an FSSAI license.

There are various other benefits except all of these, these were some of the main and the most important reasons why you should be having an FSSAI license registration. Most of the people think it will waste so much of your money. It is definitely not so. You could easily get the entire license atan affordable price. You won’t have to spend a lot of money just to get the license. It is easy, fast, as well as affordable.

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