Gumasta Licence Agent Roadpali, Kalamboli, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Gumasta Licence Agent Roadpali, Kalamboli, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

shop Establishment is also known as Shop Act Establishment in or it is also known as the commercial establish which help to regulate the condition of work and employment in the shop not only in the shop but this act is also used in trading or banking ,residential  hotels, restaurants,  This is also a type of certificate that cretifing the work done by the  individual or in the group, and in Navi Mumbai this act also regulates in different payments like of wages, hours of work, holidays and others work condition of people employed in the Establishment
How to apply Shop Establishment ?
This establishment are compulsory for the owners  of the shop so the owners of the shop  has to register the shop establishment act :
  1. You just have to fill up the entire information  given  below  before starting the shop establishment ,
  2. This application should be submitted with the  written fees ,
  3. The name of the employer should be written  correctly, and there should be the name of the manager also
This certificated is valid for five years and this certificated has to be renewed before the expiry date.
Being querious  or wanting  to registered the form of  Shop Establishment than you just have to login in this website for more details.

Gumasta Licence Shop Act Licence in Mumbai

Gumasta Licence , Shop Act Licence in Mumbai

Gumasta Licence or Shop Act Licence
If a particular person wants to setup their future planning doing investment and start their business in the out country like in MumbaiNavi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan and Raigarh they have to make one of the important licence known as Gumasta Licence. And this licence is Governed by the Municipal Cooperation of Greater Maharashtra and was established in the year 1948. Like in India if anyone would like to start a business opening one of a medical shop or like any other off shop they need a licence from the municipal office so here this is known as Shop Act Licence ,Not only in the business if you buy a car or any others vehicles so there also we need a licence  without the approval of the government we cannot use it.
How To Apply and The Document Required:
It is very simple  you can just fill up the Applied form with the basic information  given in  the form, or if you want to get the quick result you can just fill up through the online process
The document you required are:
1.Pan card should be required,
2.Authority letter for business,
3.Application letters from the Municipal Cooperation of greater Mumbai,
4.Adress Proof any documents like NOC should be given by the owner, or one copy of  Electricity bill be required.
You can also apply in many categories as;
If you like to  make a Licence in a Partnership Deed you may required a Documents like :
1.Pan card of the partnership Firm,
2.Patnership I’D Proof and address proof.
 IF you want to start your business setup for the Private Limited Company :
You must required the documents like ,
1.certificate of incorporation,
2.Memorandum and Article of association,
3.Director’s I’D proof.
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